“Category Carousel” App for iPad

Seeing a child express herself with more and more new words each day is a joy. Kids’ vocabularies flourish when there’s context, comprehension, and expressive language — Category Carousel presents all of this inside a fun and interactive game.

category carousel ipad app for vocabulary building

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The app will boost the vocabularies of children with normal language acquisition skills and help children with weaknesses in this area, hearing loss, or listening challenges.

Players choose a category (or multiple categories) and touch the pictures contained within each; clear audio names each item out loud. After hearing the word, the player sorts by dragging into various categories. Once all the pictures are in the right place, touch the category to watch it split into sub-categories, enabling the child to think about words in multiple ways. Audio reinforcement and correction make the exercises effective and engaging.

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Categories and subcategories within:

Animals (birds, bugs, farm, water, jungle, forest)
Transportation (land, water, sky)
Clothing (body, head, feet)
Food (breakfast, deserts, drinks, meat, fruit, vegetables)
Household (cleaning, furniture, toys, tools, bathroom, kitchen)

categories ipad app for listening challenges

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