Little Red Riding Hood by Lois Heymann — the “App-Book”

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Plus: see this blog post to learn a fun game that suports auditory memory and how to win the iBook for free.

Get ready for an old fairy tale with an enchanting twist! This re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood as an iBook for iPad has our young journeyer making her tricky way down the path to Grandma’s as your child improves his auditory processing skills. Your little reader will stay engaged with 3-D animation, reading tasks, and integrated games.little red riding hood, the iBook for listening skills

[Click for video: see Little Red Riding Hood journeying across the iBook pages.]

We know your child/student will enjoy listening and learning this way, and you’ll know you are exposing him or her to a very nourishing “auditory diet.”

The app-book engages skills like:

  • Auditory discrimination — hearing the differences among sounds
  • Story retell — enhancing the ability to store and retrieve accurate, multi-step information
  • Answering yes/no questions to exercise auditory comprehension
  • Using expressive language for confident communication

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What’s an “iBook”?

Little Red Riding Hood is a full-featured, interactive iBook for the iPad. Once you begin turning the storybook’s pages, you and your child are engaged in the game — so we like to call it an “app-book”! Complete with professional narration, animation, audio, and multiple interactive activities, reading this book is different each time.

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