“One Step Two Step” App for iPad

In this app, children listen to one-step and two-step instructions to bring brilliant pictures to life! The One Step Two Step iPad App reinforces the child’s auditory sequential memory ability, fundamentally important to learning and classroom success.

One Step Two Step instruction app for listening

Presents 25 scenes and almost 500 different directions; players listen to instructions, drag shapes and pictures, and color. A separate “game” mode helps generalize following and giving directions.

Parents, speech-language pathologists, and therapists know all too well the difficulty that children can have following instructions. One Step Two Step, which comes in a “Light” version great for families and a “Pro” version geared toward speech-language professionals, strengthens kids’ ability to remember and carry out directions using fun, interaction, and reward.

an app for children with listening challenges

Life and school are full of directives! Between two and three years of age, children can typically follow two-step directions; by kindergarten, they should be able to follow at least three steps. The child who has difficulty in this area is too easily left behind, following the other children. Frustration and anxiety build; self esteem and leadership skills suffer.

The app simulates the same listening-language intervention method that Lois Heymann uses every day to help children master language, listening, and communication, leading to her standing as one of the country’s best speech-language pathologists.

The “Pro” version of the app has multi-player functionality to store names, allow joint playing, and record/export performance data. Watch the tutorial for “One Step Two Step Pro.”

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Great for ages four and up.

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