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One of my favorite ways to work on listening skills is through reading. For a busy parent, finding that PERFECT book is not always easy. So, once a month I’d like to pull a book down off of Lois’ Bookshelf and recommend a fun way to spend a little time with your child reading something that will interest, challenge and delight them. The book for this month is recommended for children ages 1-4 (slightly older children might like it too). Find a cozy place; a rocking chair, the sofa, in bed at night before bedtime, and read More, More, More Said The Baby, 3 Love Stories, by Vera B. Williams. The first things you will notice are the pictures… big, bright and beautiful. This book is broken into chapters. In each short story there is an adult; a dad, a mom, a grandmother and a small child and there are actions: running, swinging, singing, tasting, sleeping, rocking and kissing. And in each story, what does the child want? That’s right More, More, More. There is so much to love about this book, each child has an endearing nickname and in each story there is a little rhyme the adult says to the child, perfect for you and your child to chant together.

This book is accessible, available in bookstores (in soft cover and in libraries). Read this book and I bet you will find it quickly become one of your child’s favorites.

I would love to hear from you- how your child likes the book and if you have any recommendations for me-let’s talk books!

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