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While working as a Speech Language Pathologist, classes provided a wonderful way continue to teach other growing professionals in the field. Here are a few thoughts that they wished to share regarding what they learned this previous year:

1. Lois Heymann is by far my favorite professor at SUNY New Paltz.  Through her dedication, patience, and passion for the field, she has taught me so much about auditory verbal therapy.  She has inspired me and taught me so much that I have and interest in persueing my future career in this field of study.

2. You can use different devices to give efficient therapy based on the child’s proficiency with the language they already have. Based on what the child is able to execute, the therapist is able to expand the child’s language abilities and target their goals.

3. Confidence is everything
4. Negatively reinforcing the child during therapy tells the child he or she has failed at the task. Even if the child is struggling, always comment positively on what they are appropriately doing. The therapist may have had higher expectations for that specific session and may need to break down the goal to pinpoint what the child is having most difficulty with and reteach.

5. Thank you Lois for teaching me more than just speech and language, by going beyond the typical lectures. You taught me to believe in myself and those around me. I wish you good luck in everything that you do.

Thank you!

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