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The more scientists study Autism, the more they will find causes for this epidemic, from genetics to environment, to drugs. These findings will be invaluable information. See link to article (http://usat.me?38822834).

However, no matter what the cause, in order to effectively treat individuals with autism, we must diagnose each individual’s learning style. Are they visual learners or auditory learners? Are they over stimulated by sensory input or under stimulated? Are they attempting to communicate? How are they attempting to communicate: gesturally or verbally? These are just some of the areas we must explore to go beyond the labels of PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay) or Asberger’s among other labels, to find a” way in” to begin intervention.

Based on over 20 years of working with individuals who have been diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, I have learned many things, two important learnings are: 1) we must include the parents in the intervention, helping and guiding parents in ways to reach their child and 2) parents and therapists must be partners since each holds important information about the child.

Every child in every family is unique. We need to accurately diagnosis where this particular child’s strengths and weaknesses lie and allow the process to change and evolve as the child changes and grows. Making sure we set goals that are reasonable and attainable and helping all who surround and support the child, (parents therapists, teachers, aides) understand the goals, where we are going and the best ways to get there.

There is tremendous hope in the science of finding the causes of Autism, as these discoveries are illuminated let us work in a coordinated, mindful manner to assist these children to develop the skills and abilities to reach their highest potential

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