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Auditory memory is the ability we need to retain and recall information that we hear through listening.  There are many books that can help your child develop this skill.  Here are suggestions for strengthening auditory memory using The Gingerbread Man by Catherine McCafferty (McGraw-Hill).

  • Begin by reading the book for pleasure without asking any questions.  Take the time to look at the book’s colorful pictures with your child as you focus on the story.
  • The second time you read the book, mention something like this:  “There are a lot of characters who are hungry and who want to eat the gingerbread man.  Let’s see if we can figure out who they are.”  Then count all of the people and animals you encountered while reading the story.
  • Close the book and ask your child if they can recall who tried to eat the gingerbread man:
    1. The little old man
    2. The little old woman
    3. The cow
    4. The horse
    5. The farmers
    6. The fox
  • After your child has named all the characters that they can remember, open the book and look through the pictures again in sequential order.

Image source: Google Books

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