April 12th, 2012 | Posted in Speech Therapy Apps
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This week my first app will be available on the iPad! I am so excited to be able to share my work with other SLP’s for use with their clients and with parents and their children. It is an interesting story, how I, with very little tech savvy, have this high tech tool for helping children with listening/language delays and disorders.

About six months after my book The Sound of Hope was released I received a message on my website. It was from Corey and Karen Walker who are both SLPs working in New Mexico and owners of an app development company called Pocket SLP. They had read my book and thought the exercises I presented would be just perfect as speech therapy apps. This was February of 2011–not so long ago, but it was before I had an iPad and before I was using an iPad in therapy sessions. I just couldn’t get my head around developing therapy using this new technology. After much thought I passed on the opportunity.

Flash forward to the ASHA convention in San Diego last November where I presented “Evaluation Strategies for APD” with Rebecca Kooper, audiologist. We were browsing the exhibit hall when I coincidently ran into Corey and Karen. Corey looked at me and said, “Are you ready yet?”  A resounding “yes” popped out of my mouth. In the meantime I had purchased apps for our Communication Therapy department at the Center for Hearing and Communication and realized the many ways apps could supplement and complement my therapy sessions.

Corey and I got to work assessing the therapeutic strategies I have developed to work with children with listening issues over the past 30+ years. Now the first app in a series of planned listening/language processing apps is ready to be shared. This first one is called Category Carousel which helps to develop the foundational language skill of building semantic features, a key to building a wide and deep vocabulary as I discuss in my book. Next up will be apps focused on the essential communication skill: LISTENING.

I am having so much fun creatively turning my therapeutic hierarchy of listening/language skills into apps which I can now share with you!

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