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If your child will just not sit for a book, storytelling can be a magical alternative.  This is a completely auditory activity that will help your child build strong listening skills.  There are no rules to follow and you can make up stories anywhere.  They can be shared in the car, at the dinner table, in a doctor’s office, at the beach, or in a park.

Try to stretch your imagination and make believe you are in the midst of a grand adventure with your child.  You may find yourselves crawling through the rain forest, climbing a snow-capped mountain or exploring the depths of the ocean.

father telling kids storiesChildren love to hear stories about their own lives and their family:

  • Tell your child about the day they were born
  • Explain how you chose their name
  • Recount things that happened when you were their age, especially stories about things that may be concerning or worrying them like the first time you went to school, lost a tooth, rode a bicycle, etc.
  • Talk about your cultural heritage by explaining where your ancestors were born and how they came to live in the United States
  • Share stories about aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandparents to instill a sense of belonging to a larger family

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