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D is for daddy

How are a child’s memories made and recalled?

Dr. Peterson, Professor of Psychology at Memorial University, Newfoundland, states, “a child is more likely to hold on to a particular memory if [it contains] emotion.” When parents discuss a memory, “the development of memory encompasses the development of language, the development of consciousness, personality and narrative.”

So, why am I telling you all this for Father’s Day? Fathers want to be part of their child’s good and positive memories as they develop and grow. The road map for this development of positive memories is:

  1. Experience: having a positive experience with your child…a baseball game, a walk in the woods, doing a creative project together
  2. Discussing what you did together in a story format, containing the who, what, where, when of the story
  3. Experiencing the experience and re-telling of the experience with emotion.

The shared experience doesn’t have to be long, elaborate or expensive…but it has to be shared.

father telling kids stories

Have a great Father’s Day…and make wonderful memories.

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