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Favorite Auditory Memory Games

This one is a big hit with kids and parents. The Grocery Run Game enhances auditory memory skills, and it’s a great way for you and your child to work together. (It also helps you remember to get everything from the grocery store that you went for in the first place!)

How to play the Grocery Run Game

  1. Before a trip to the grocery store, make a short shopping list with your child.
  2. Talk about what’s on the list, and write the items down together.
  3. Fold the list and put it in the child’s pocket.
  4. When you get to the grocery store, ask him what items he can remember to pick up!
  5. When he’s remembered everything he can, he can pull out the list and see how he did.


  • Depending on your child’s age and ability, use three to five items. You can add more as your child gets better at the game.
  • Try using a category of items; e.g., “fruits and veggies” or “things that come in a box.”
  • If you’re a speech-language pathologist, teach parents the game — or make a pretend grocery run in the therapy setting.

Tell us how you two did!

Play the Grocery Run Game and share how your child or client did in a post on Pocket SLP’s Facebook wall. Pocket SLP is the amazing speech-language therapy app developer I’ve partnered with to create the ListenLoveLearn series.

Thanks for playing, reading, and being part of ListenLoveLearn! Now and always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories. Please get in touch with me by leaving a message through this form.

Just like you two in real life, in the new ListenLoveLearn iBook for the iPad, Little Red Riding Hood has a basketful of groceries; and just like the Grocery Run Game, it’s built on my proven methods for listening and language skills development. It’s a different experience every time you read this interactive “app-book” with your child.

But the iBook:

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The first 10 people to play the game and post how they did on Pocket SLP’s Facebook wall will receive a code to download Little Red Riding Hood for free!  Even if you’re not in the first 10, starting this afternoon and ending one week from this post (until October 17, 2012) anyone can download the iBook from the App Store for 50% off! This contest is over, but stay tuned for more.

With warm wishes,

Lois Kam Heymann, M.A., CCC-SLP


Little Red Riding Hood listening challenges iBook for iPad
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  1. I have figured out some points through your blog post. One other thing I would like to mention is that there are various games out there designed specifically for preschool age youngsters. They consist of pattern acceptance, colors, dogs, and models. These commonly focus on familiarization as opposed to memorization. This makes little children engaged without having a sensation like they are studying. Thanks

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