June 7th, 2012 | Posted in Auditory Processing Disorder
A classroom should be a place where children are able to learn and to have fun without having to struggle to listen. If competing noises interfere with your child’s ability to focus on and attend to what their teachers are saying, they’ll lose the desire to pay attention and learn. Informed advocacy on behalf of your child is simply vital. If your son or daughter has been diagnosed with APD or identified with a listening disorder,  contact your school and ask to set up a... ...Read more

Auditory Processing Disorders cannot be adequately and definitively diagnosed until a child is around seven. Auditory processing skills grow over time and specific abilities do not fully develop until approximately seven years of age. In addition, many of the tests used to diagnose APD require a certain level of cognitive maturity to adequately assess the child’s abilities in these areas. In addition to the resources listed in Part 1 of this article, here are some places that offer evaluation services for speech language disorders and... ...Read more

The steps you should take if you suspect your child has a speech, language, hearing or listening problem depend on your child’s age. If you notice any hearing difficulty in a new born or infant, such as your child not startling or looking for a loud noise, or if your child failed Universal Hearing Screening at birth, have a hearing test performed immediately by a pediatric audiologist. A hearing test is the first evaluation that can be performed on an infant who may be exhibiting... ...Read more

May 17th, 2012 | Posted in Auditory Processing Disorder
  Going on play dates, going to school, and participating in extracurricular activities come with a lot of painful experiences for children struggling with an APD. Over time, your child can begin to feel incompetent and start to believe that their siblings, friends or classmates who don’t struggle with listening skills are smarter than they are. APD and many other auditory obstacles have nothing to do with intelligence.  Don’t give your child permission to feel less intelligent than their peers and refer to themselves as... ...Read more
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