One of my favorite ways to “read” with children is with wordless picture books. You may ask, ‘how do you read a wordless picture book’? And that’s the beauty of it, because the telling of the story is up to the readers. The parent can be narrating the story or the child may be narrating the story… or even better, you can be narrating it together. ...Read more

Along with the difficulty of knowing what to read to your children, is knowing HOW to read to your child in order to make the most of your time and to be most effective. Many parents are concerned that they do not have enough time to read every day. But it really only takes a few minutes to enjoy this special time together and to talk about the story. ...Read more

November 11th, 2010 | Posted in Listening Skills, Thursday's Thoughts
Thursday's Thoughts, Why is reading to your child so important? Reading has the power to expand and stretch the mind in new directions, allowing for the development of abstract thought and deeper understanding of life. Reading opens up new worlds both fictional and non-fictional. It empowers your child to learn. Let’s look at the 3 methods of learning through reading... ...Read more
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