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Favorite Auditory Memory Games This one is a big hit with kids and parents. The Grocery Run Game enhances auditory memory skills, and it’s a great way for you and your child to work together. (It also helps you remember to get everything from the grocery store that you went for in the first place!) How to play the Grocery Run Game Before a trip to the grocery store, make a short shopping list with your child. Talk about what’s on the list, and write the items... ...Read more

Learning is an auditory event that is dependent on a child’s capacity to listen well. That capacity needs to be at peak when a child enters school, not just in the process of forming. Cultivating the ability to listen to instructions and follow directions that are required in school takes years of practice, but there are lots of fun and effective games and exercises to help your children play with words and sounds and learn how to listen. Listening games are especially helpful for children... ...Read more

Auditory Processing Disorders cannot be adequately and definitively diagnosed until a child is around seven. Auditory processing skills grow over time and specific abilities do not fully develop until approximately seven years of age. In addition, many of the tests used to diagnose APD require a certain level of cognitive maturity to adequately assess the child’s abilities in these areas. In addition to the resources listed in Part 1 of this article, here are some places that offer evaluation services for speech language disorders and... ...Read more
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