The steps you should take if you suspect your child has a speech, language, hearing or listening problem depend on your child’s age. If you notice any hearing difficulty in a new born or infant, such as your child not startling or looking for a loud noise, or if your child failed Universal Hearing Screening at birth, have a hearing test performed immediately by a pediatric audiologist. A hearing test is the first evaluation that can be performed on an infant who may be exhibiting... ...Read more

Auditory sequencing is what enables us to store the information we receive in a meaningful order.  It is an important skill that allows us to understand the relationship between the past, the present and the future, and to communicate increasingly complex ideas. Auditory Sequencing is a skill that children need to grasp the concept of cause and effect. Understanding the relationship between what your child sees and why it happened is vital to their growing ability to empathize with the emotions on display around them.... ...Read more

April 26th, 2012 | Posted in Listening Skills, Speech and Language Development
Auditory memory is the ability we need to retain and recall information that we hear through listening.  There are many books that can help your child develop this skill.  Here are suggestions for strengthening auditory memory using The Gingerbread Man by Catherine McCafferty (McGraw-Hill). Begin by reading the book for pleasure without asking any questions.  Take the time to look at the book’s colorful pictures with your child as you focus on the story. The second time you read the book, mention something like this: ... ...Read more

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Reading is an acquired skill that your child must gradually learn how to do and an art that has to be cultivated and practiced over time. Though it will take your child years to learn how to read a book themselves, they are ready to hear you read to them from almost the beginning of their lives. As they grow and the two of you continue to share the experience of reading together the bond you share will grow, too.  Being read to from an... ...Read more
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