Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Bill Martin Jr / Eric Carle


This is what you DO!

Settle your child in for a cozy reading time.

On your lap, next to you, or in an infant seat.

The important idea is that this is a warm and loving time.

1. Show the cover to the book

2. Read Page 1.

3. Turn the page - point to each animal as you turn the page!


  1. "This is a book about animals. Look, here is a bear!"

  2. "Brown bear, Brown bear, what do you see?"

(He sees a red bird.)  "I see a red bird looking at me".

Oh look, she sees a red bird.

(Add in the sound the animal makes - ie. tweet, tweet)


When reading to an older child:

  • Leave expectant pauses seeing if the child will anticipate and guess which animal comes next, especially after the first reading.

  • After a few readings, see if you and your child can name the animals in order.

  • Download animal pictures - use them to do color naming of each animal & identify the parts of the animal ( wings, beak, claws, feathers)


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