Listening, Language, Literacy Skills Development Programs

Build listening, language and literacy skills for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten kids with foundational skills for academic and social success! Sounds Fun! impacts development and growth of language, reading, spelling and comprehension. It integrates easily into any pre-kindergarten or kindergarten classroom, delivered by the classroom teacher in one 45-minute period a week.

Provides specific goals for enhancing listening, language and literacy

Satisfies requirements for RTI (Response to

Intervention) Tier 1 and 2

Researched, Evidence-based and tested

Developed by an internationally renowned

Speech-Language Pathologist and Educator

Auditory-language skills taught in the

evidenced–based approach of bottom-up and top-down learning

Offsets negative trend of diminishing auditory skills due to increasing use of technology such as iPads, computers and smart phones
Easily followed by teachers
Includes all lesson plans, stories, activities and materials needed
Includes 5-hour hands-on training module
It is Fun, Fun, Fun for both student and